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Morfose Ultra Aqua Gel Hair Wax Strawberry scent 150ml

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Morfose Ultra Aqua Gel hair wax is presented in a travel size 150ml pot and is one of the new and most popular hair waxes in the barber shops and salons. This hair wax helps thickens, texturise and increases the fullness to the hair. Provides a strong, pliable hold with a hard finish. Works extremely well in short, medium length hairs and for short curly hairs. Washes out easily and is made of a water soluble base for a perfectly incredible extra shine and strong hold. Suitable for Vegans and it’s also classified as Halal Hair Wax.

It’s special formula is made of Alcohol free, Animal free and Flake free ingredients. Added with Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) extracts which prevents hair lose, skin and scalp disorders, supports the hair looking fuller, stronger and healthier. Also thanks to it’s Strawberry scent, leaves a nice and sweet fragrance on the hair.

Suitable for all types of hair and for long or short hair styles. Create extreme hairstyles and structured shapes as you desire.

Also available in a bigger tub of 175ml.


How to Apply:

  • Apply on to towel dried or dry hair
  • Take a small amount of Morfose Ultra Aqua Gel/Wax
  • Rub Morfose Ultra Aqua Gel hair gel/wax in to both palms and fingertips
  • Create the desired hair style you want and Bob’s your uncle
  • Instantly notice and get noticed by your friends around you
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