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Totex Gum Hair Gel 700ml x 6 Tubs

£50.99 £38.99

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Totex Gum Hair Gel 700ml

x 6 Tubs @ £6.49 each

The Totex Gum Hair Gel is one of the most known hair gel for it’s quality and cost-effective price. This great hair gel would make your hair feel and look fresh, live and healthy all day long.

Allows you to keep your hair in the shape of the desired form. Maintains the shape of your hair for a long time, leaves no residue or grease. Can be used at all events thanks to and it’s non-flaking formula and added Vitamin E. Suitable for all hair types.

It is a highly effective hair styling product to give you the best desired look with ease and comfort. Totex Gum Gel is the perfect hair product defining, sculpting the hair and creating bold shapes and unique looking textures that will never let you down.

Also available in a small travel size tub of 175ml.


How to Apply:

  • Apply to damp or dry hair
  • Take a moderate amount of Gummy gel
  • Apply smoothly and evenly to the hair
  • Work fingers from the bottom to top of hair
  • Now you’re ready to hit the Town and Enjoy!
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